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EPUFFER Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 629X 2019 ) Limited Edition - New!

ePuffer has updated the favorite E-Pipe 629 once again to provide the vape enthusiast with more intense flavor without the excess vapor. Our newest tank with a micro sub-ohm 1.0Ω resistance design and our starter kit comes with even more customizable options. The E-Pipe 629X 2019 is a luxury item for the everyday consumer that offers the highest quality vape. Read on to see what this limited-edition vape has to offer.

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E-Pipe 629X Specifications-Starter Kits and Compatible Components

The E-Pipe 629X is projected to be an international best-seller because it is one of, if not the, best of its kind among its competition. This e-pipe comes with a graceful, cherrywood bowl made with an automatic airflow sensor and a stylish black stem mouthpiece with gold or silver trim. These pieces will come in every starter kit:

● High-grade Nitecore NEW I2 Dual Slot Universal Battery Charger built with a fuse to avoid short-circuiting--comes with a one-year warranty

● 2 rechargeable high-drain IMR-1100mAh 18350 lithium batteries.

● 5 spare atomizers made of U.S Kanthal coil wire and Japanese Organic Cotton wick. It has a ceramic base and a coil resistance of 1.0 ±0.1 Ωohms

● 2 liquimizers - New TPD Ready 2ML liquamizers are made from tempered quartz glass that resist temperatures up to 2200°F and have a 510 connection thread.

All of the above pieces come stylishly enclosed in a mahogany finish MDF wooden box which is ideal for giving as a gift or as an elegant way to store spare parts. You can also choose to purchase a pipe stand made of pear wood that is conveniently foldable.


Electronic Pipe 629 X Kit




E-Pipe 629 X Limited Edition Starter Kit Content

Electronic Pipe 629 Real Solid Wood Bowl
2pcs. - High Drain IMR-1100mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
2 Liquamizers TPD Ready 2ML ( Glass Tank ) Silver and Gold Trim
2 Bowl Caps with Clear Zirconia Crystal. Silver and Gold Trim
5pcs. Micro Sub-Ohm Atomizers ( Heating Coils )
Spare Mouthpiece Stem
Universal Nitecore New i2 Rapid Battery Charger 110/240V
Wooden Giftbox
Instruction Manual



  • Protected Direct Airflow system
  • Zirconia Crystal LED Cap ( Black Crystal Sold Separately )
  • Liquamizer ( Clearomizer ) Tank technology with replaceable micro sub-ohm heating coils
  • Delivers great vapor production, rich flavor and smooth draw.

629X Updates and Revisions for a Better E-Pipe

ePuffer prides itself on its high-quality, sophisticated designs that caters to every whim of the consumer. Not only do we have the consumer in mind, but with each new revision, we strive to accommodate every aspect of the vaping experience. We have made the 2019 limited edition even better by including a micro sub-ohm atomizer with lower resistance than ever but advanced technology that increased the amount of vapor produced. We cater our to the advanced vaper/smoker who craves an intense flavor with each puff but seeks to distance him/herself from the trendy cloud-chasing popular among the younger generations.

In this revision, we have also included both the gold and silver trim options in one starter kit. While previously, users had to choose between silver and gold, there is one of each included right in the starter kit so that vapers can coordinate their e-pipe with their accessories such as watch bands or cuff-links or color-coordinate their e-liquids (e.g. gold for tobacco, silver for sweets, etc.) Your wardrobe as well as your vaping collection will surely get a fashionable update.

In Conclusion:

The E-Pipe 629X 2019 is the sleekest new model on the market offering the highest-quality vapes for affordable prices. The e-pipe is designed with the proper gentleman in mind and has the class and elegance of any traditional pipe and will satisfy the new and experienced vaper alike.



I’ve had my 629x for three weeks now and am very happy with it. It is true, that its parts are screwed very firmly, so I needed two pliers to undo it the first time. Even the mouthpiece was so snug that it wouldn’t budge manually. I put some silicon grease on the gaskets to help that. But, with some cloth or leather to protect the parts they can be easily unscrewed.

I had some small issues with leaking liquid through the airhole in the bowl at the beginning, but that seems to be due to my lack of experience. Now I refill and vape without leakage. Its parts are sealed well.

The pricey coils seem to last a while. I vape about 2-3 ten minute sessions daily and still am with the first coil. The pipe can be puffed comfortably like a real pipe and with the right liquid you can have a pleasant taste experience. If you only want to puff to mouth, then be sure to use stronger liquid to feel the nicotine. I use 12-16mg liquids. The vape is very cloudy, even with 50/50 liquids.

Considering that you get two pipes, except for the bowl, and the great presentation case, the price for the set isn’t really that much. There are more expensive ones in the market that have to prove to be as good as the 629x.

After many twists and turns and an endless wait, I finally received the E-Pipe 629X R5 (2019).
The presentation case is absolutely beautiful, but it is to be regretted that a protective case for transport was not designed for daily transport.
In use, my first impressions are a good E-Pipe that restores the flavours of the vape, but its sophisticated design makes it a fragile object and makes its use delicate.
From the beginning, the tank gasket went out and was not easy to replace.
When filling the tank it must be held firmly down, otherwise the liquid leaks and spreads over the pipe and fingers.
When it is transported, the liquid oozes slightly onto the lower ring.
In summary, it is advisable to keep a tissue nearby to avoid any inconvenience.

I love it! It's a brilliant idea for vaping, it's very stylish, unlike many of its kind, and it has a wonderful classical pipe look about it. The fact that it has an LED light to make it seem as if it is really lit makes it even greater. I also picked the "midnight pleasure" (0.6mg) e-liquid and it was awesome.

But... despite all its wonderful qualities it has some major flaws which unless they fix I won't probably order the 629 again.

For example screwing and unscrewing its parts is a major pain!! If by accident you screw it just a wee bit tight you won't be able to unscrew it without pliers!! Even if you don't screw it tightly but leave it for a while just sitting there (not vaping at all just have it in your drawer) you'll find it hard to unscrew. And if you do use pliers try not to scratch the wooden bowl by putting some cloth between it and the pliers. In addition when you screw pieces in place the mouthpiece may be lopsided and really far off its normal position (happened to my silver one which was included) meaning that you have to find a way to bring it in place.
I could also make do with the small batteries as they include a second one and a charger which is awesome.

I feel that it has great prospects and if only the screwing problem would be fixed it would be a flawless product worthy of its price, but for now its 3/5 for me just because of the screwing-unscrewing problem which I believe is a major flaw. I hope they fix it soon.

Reply from Customer Service:

Dear Sokratis,

Your feedback is very important to us. We appreciate your communication and it has been forwarded to our R&D team for further evaluation and product improvements.

Simply: A perfect e-pipe for a perfect smoke. Well done. Thanks...

As a 25 years pipe and cigarillo smoker, I like the ePuffer629 very much. Just two little grains of salt:

1.) It's ways too heavy to keep it in the mouth, having both hands free. A classic pipe with a similar price tag would use a very good but lightweight wood to allow smoking hands-free.

2.) None of the recommended ePuffer liquids (I tested Premium Tobacco and English Flake) comes even close to my preferred pipe tobacco taste (which is the Danish McBaren Navy Flake).

------------- Reply from ePuffer Web Support -------------

Dear Thierry,

We value your feedback as we always listen to our customers requests. Your comments has been forwarded to our R&D Team. If you don't mind, someone from our R&D team will contact and collect more information from you.

Thank you for choosing ePuffer!

I have just received my E-Puffer 629 electronic pipe ( ) and have to say what a beautifully engineered piece of kit it is. I previously had an e-pipe from another supplier but it failed and was not repairable so it ended up in the bin. One of the major advantages of the E-Puffer 629 pipe is that every part is listed as an available spare at a reasonable price so it should go on for ever!

The lovely wooden presentation box contains two batteries, a spare mouthpiece, a battery charger and 5 atomiser coils (everything you need to get started and keep you going for a while).
The pipe itself is beautiful to look at, nice to hold, and gives a very good volume of vapour with the one ohm coils.

There was a slight issue with the outer packaging but it was completely resolved by a very fast response from the customer service team.

Overall I would give the company and the pipe 5 out of 5 stars for the equipment quality, and the excellent backup from the customer service.

Basically I am a very happy bunny ,now sitting in the lounge with my feet up, and a wife who is no longer telling me to go out on the terrace to smoke!
Jonathan Barr

Super tevreden. Zeer goed product en snelle levering. De pijp lost al mijn verwachtingen in, het is alsof je een normale klassieke pijp vast hebt. Werkt perfect.

As you sit there wondering if this pipe is really worth the price consider this. I had one of those cheap imitations from China that I've struggled with for over a year. Inconsistent and unreliable, it tried my patience. Now I can relax and enjoy a pipe the way it was meant to be. A combination of quality and elegance, not to mention the performance is wonderful! I haven't put it down for three days and what a conversation piece. Go ahead, spoil yourself - you deserve this pipe!

I just had to let you know, that I finally received my new E-Pipe 629 R2 and must let you know that this version of the pipe is the greatest. I had to wait a long time for the new version, but it was well worth the wait.

This pipe has an extremely easy draw, lots of smoke, and great flavor. I can't tell you enough, how much I am enjoying this pipe. It's my favorite.

This pipe looks amazing! I've been waiting for more than 3 months now. Really wanted as a Xmas gift.
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