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Tobacco Cigarettes contain 4000 chemicals and have second hand smoke, tar, odors, and create butts everywhere, the electronic cigarette does none of this. None to mention you save thousands of dollars a year.

I never thought I was going to say this, but epuffer has changed my life. I'm smoke free for 2 months now and I love every minute of it. Personal thanks from my wife and kids. Cheers!!!

Its brill! The size is why i went for this one , as i've smoked roll ups for the last thirty years other types of e cigs where king size & larger. Really pleased with this, i now feel that it will be easier to carry on with my two week real smoke free. Thanks to epuffer. julie uk

I'm tinnurg to e- cigs proof is that if all I smoke is e- cig my blood pressure is fine the health insurance should speak up they will gain money if were healthier. If I smoke real cigs my blood pressure goes in sanely high

Received my Colibri today. Have already some experience on e-smoking and this is one of my best buys to date. Beautiful pack and cigarette design, unbeatable size and weight, excellent tobacco taste and flavors (the Belgo is to die for), good battery autonomy and great smoke. The only poor thing: the cartridges last too little and they aren't exactly cheap. But it's the price to pay for such a small e-cig. I recommend it to every e-smoker. Way to go ePuffer!

Startede med epuffer efter 45 år med alm. cigaretter, og har ikke røget en eneste cigaret siden. Tusind tusind tak for jeres super super e-cig. hilsen Kea ,DK

I have tried other cheaper ecigs but found the ease magnum to be the best, although a little more expensive for the starter pack Its worth the extra. I haven't had a cigarette since mine arrived 3 months ago, I would (and have) recommended these to anyone who might want to stop smoking.

I bought the super micro colibri about 2 days ago and im loving it already, the shiping was really fast i got it the next day i would love to try different flavors that are available and maybe some samples as well then i can buy some more thank you very much epuffer.

use the epipe & the elite classic, excellent products, fresh taste, smoke-free for 2 weeks now, cant see myself going back to regular cigarettes EVER AGAIN
And a very good customer service is a real bonus!

So, I ended up with the Super Mini. What I like about it? Everything! How light it is, how it looks exactly as an actual smoke, vapor clouds it makes “puff-puff”, an option to refill the cartridge about 6 times and all those flavored eliquids, since I’m not a big fan of a plain tobacco flavor. My experience with ePuffer set an example to my mother who has been smoking for 40 years and my boyfriend. So my mom now is a happy Super Mini smoker as for my boyfriend he loves his Magnum that produces tons of smoke and lasts for soooo long!!! I even noticed last winter I didn’t get sick or even cough not only because I quit the actual smokes but also because I wasn’t even tempted to go outside to take a puff, brrrr. I highly recommend ePuffer to every smoker because, guys, honestly, it’s the best weapon against our bad habits! Finally, this company has a very professional support team who helped me when I was confused and totally new to the ecigarettes. These guys are the best! Thank you so-so much!
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