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I have just received my E-Puffer 629 electronic pipe ( http://epuffer.eu/electronic-pipe-629-epipe.html ) and have to say what a beautifully engineered piece of kit it is. I previously had an e-pipe from another supplier but it failed and was not repairable so it ended up in the bin. One of the major advantages of the E-Puffer 629 pipe is that every part is listed as an available spare at a reasonable price so it should go on for ever!

The lovely wooden presentation box contains two batteries, a spare mouthpiece, a battery charger and 5 atomiser coils (everything you need to get started and keep you going for a while).
The pipe itself is beautiful to look at, nice to hold, and gives a very good volume of vapour with the one ohm coils.

There was a slight issue with the outer packaging but it was completely resolved by a very fast response from the customer service team.

Overall I would give the company and the pipe 5 out of 5 stars for the equipment quality, and the excellent backup from the customer service.

Basically I am a very happy bunny ,now sitting in the lounge with my feet up, and a wife who is no longer telling me to go out on the terrace to smoke!
Jonathan Barr

Your customer relations is just GREAT, you even 'phoned me (in France) to say the item I needed was not available at moment and offered an alternative. How good is that! Thanks for your considerate concern, much appreciated.

Had my starter kit for a week now and WOW! I've already quit smoking after 25 years!! these are amazing!! Also had an issue with a battery But was well taken care of from the excellent customer service!! thanks AL

Happy New Year and thank you for your kindness and understanding. I am always happy for your dellivery.
Kea from Denmark

My husband is very pleased with the E-pipe. It looks and feels like a real pipe and he gets the same pleasure from having a smoke of his normal brand of tobacco. Wishes he had got it 50 years ago.

Placed my first order this monday evening. It got shipped on tuesday and arrived today friday. Very pleased with the fast shipping and with the customer service as I've contacted them a few times before with some questions. And they always got back fast and with a professional attitude and always helpful. ePuffer is now my main source for electonic smoking and greatly recommended to everyone I know.

Thank you ePuffer!

My husband and I have tried to quit smoking for many years. We received the Magnum Rev-3 kit 3 days ago and neither of us has had a real cigarette since we started this kit. We are SO impressed with this product...hoping it will allow us over time to kick the habit altogether. Thank you for this amazing alternative.

I enjoy the product greatly and have recommended it to family and friends. Your outstanding customer service is an added bonus. I will be purchasing another unit in the next few days to give as a gift!

I just wanted to let you all know that I quit smoking on April 4th. I will be 65 on December 28th. I have had lung problems since 1979,and have COPD. My doctor has told me that quitting was the best thing I could of done for myself. I had smoked since I was 13, and tried several times to quit. I always went back,due to stress, etc. I had to have cancer removed from my nose in April. This would have caused me to start up smoking again in the past. But you ePuffer kept me from going back. I thank you with all my heart. I hope other smokers will find out how easy it is to quit using ePuffer. Sincerely Cathleen Holy Please feel free to use my comments, as they are true and sincere.

I would like to add my thanks for the excellent service you have provided in resolving my problems. Both your tixket system and your telephone support exemplify what good customer support is all about - not just satisfied customers but customers becoming advocates of your company. Good customer service is hard to come upon - especially web based - nowadays.
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