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  • titan x sub-ohm tank

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    What does being a ‘hybrid device’ mean?

    TITAN is a ‘hybrid’ device, a cross between a box mod vaporizer and a electronic cigarette, because it has and uses two different atomizer coils, namely 0.4 ohm coil and 1.0 ohm coil. When you decide to vape using the 0.4 ohm coil, you can call TITAN a box mod vaporizer, but when you use the 1.0 ohm coil, it can be considered as a electronic cigarette

    The TITAN X Tank includes:

    • TITAN X Hybrid Sub-Ohm Glass Tank liquimizer
    • An atomizer coil with an electric resistance of 1.0 ohm
    • An atomizer coil with an electric resistance of 0.4 ohm


    • Tank Capacity: 2ML ( Glass )
    • Material: High Grade Triple Polished Stainless Steel
    • Ø=19mm Length: 54mm
    • Weight: 40g


    But why use the two coils? What’s the difference?

    The difference between these two is that when you use the 1.0 ohm, the vapor passes through the mouth and then through the lungs. On the other hand, when you use the 0.4 ohm coil shoots the vapor straight to the vaper’s lungs, giving the vaper a vaping experience that is new and is like no other.

    Not Compatible with previous model  Important Tip!

    For best vaping experience, we recommend priming the atomizer by dripping 3-4 drops of e-liquid directly onto an atomizer's coil. Once Liquamizer Tank is assembled and pre-filled, allow 6-7 minutes for the e-liquid to feed into the coil before you start vaping.

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